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1. It is highly likely that liquidators find empty offices and empty bank accounts once a scam company has shut up shop after taking your money. It is highly unlikely that the liquidators, the FCA or the police can help you get your money back. 

2. If your investment was unregulated you are not entitled to compensation through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. The harsh reality is that today fraud has become a career choice for some with no regard of the consequences. 

3. Market turmoil, post-Brexit uncertainty , the aftermath of Covid-19 lockdowns, have created a near 'perfect storm' allowing the rapid and continued increase of  all types of fraud to unprecedented levels that will continue in the in UK 2022/23. In addition culprits know it is unlikely they will face criminal charges.

4. The harsh reality is as an honest investor you will struggle to find the truth behind the many schemes on offer and should you fall foul of the fraudsters it will be practically impossible to recover your money without the assistance and representation of experts such as us.

5. As a valued client we will represent you and protect your funds. We will ensure that you are able to invest in alternative offerings safe in the knowledge that there is no history or likelihood of fraud or misleading or unethical practices by any of those involved in the offering.


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