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We know at least this amount is stolen each year, via the banking system, from misleading or fraudulent investment offerings.


It is estimated that the true figure is likely to run into billions as most people do not report their losses.


Banks rarely do everything in their power to prevent investment fraud.

We aim to recover the maximum amount of money possible.


In many cases the directors of these firms may not be the main culprits behind the scams.  


Additional so-called 'recovery  room' scams are perpetrated by the same culprits.

Without the banks supporting them these culprits would not prosper.  

We provide in-depth risk reports to protect our private clients. 


We pursue culprits and recover money.


We investigate , track down and disrupt all culprits we identify.


We investigate all enablers including-:


banks, corrupt accountants, and corrupt legal firms.

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