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The Red Report - 2004

During 2003 and 2004 Mr Marc Asante was head of research for an organization called The Disability Discrimination  Group, (The DDG). Their aim was to investigate and identify unreasonable barriers faced by disabled people within their homes in relation to windows and doors internal and external. This research led to the publication of the Red Report toward the end of 2004. The Red Report was distributed to every local authority and housing association across the UK as well as many home builders.        

Advocacy & Optimism

During his time at The DDG Mr Marc Asante was faced with much resistance and hostility toward the idea that firms needed to adhere to the then current legislation. This was particularly shocking as the spirit of the legislation was to make life a little easier for disabled people in their everyday lives. For Mr Marc Asante 'advocacy' is in his DNA and he didn't stop fighting for what he saw as a just cause although he himself suffered verbal abuse as well as actual threats of violence during one particular meeting. This experience did not dampen his spirits but served only to strengthen his resolve. He remains optimistic that individuals, companies and Government will focus energy and resources toward the issues that The DDG were highlighting back in 2003 and 2004.                  

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